Landmark Tailored Suits

Quality tailored suits are something we all aspire to own at some time in our lives, however, dismiss as unaffordable.


That’s why Buckinghamshire based Landmark’s team of specialists has spent the last two years creating a range of made-to-measure suits and developing a system that delivers them at prices starting at a highly competitive and affordable £499.

And our system doesn’t only deliver on price:

  • a computer-aided made-to-measure suit fitting at our Buckinghamshire shop ensures the perfect fit of a jacket worn close to the body and a pattern following the body’s natural contours
  • Italian cut fabric and traditional tailoring techniques guarantee the highest quality made-to-measure suit
  • 100's of fabrics, linings, details and styles provide massive choice
  • natural, soft, supple and lightweight materials maintain maximum made-to-measure comfort
  • repeat ordering of further suits or just additional pairs of trousers is incredibly straightforward

A suit as individual as you are

Don’t settle for that less than perfect fit! ‘Off-the-peg’ suits never feel quite right – because there’s no one quite like you. And there’ll not be another suit like your quality made-to-measure suit from Landmark because it’s tailored to fit you…perfectly.

Landmark’s new made-to-measure suits system really has put quality tailored suits within everyone’s reach. Call us now on 01628 477077 or email us at for more information. Or why not pop in and see us at 7-9 West Street, MARLOW, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2LS. More...

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